Companies want computer scientist!

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By Pathways

Becoming a computer scientist is a great career option if you have an interest in technology and problem solving and want a job where you will be challenged and learn new skills. Let’s take a closer look at this profession.


Most computer scientists hold bachelors or advanced degrees in computer science. They may also study in fields like physics or mathematics. Computer scientists are highly sought-after in the technology field. This environment is usually collaborative and fast-paced. 


Companies looking to hire computer scientists are looking for people who have exceptional planning and coding skills. They want somebody who can contribute at the very beginning of an idea and see a project through to the end. Software development, deployment and testing, and fixing bugs is also part of a computer scientist job description.


Computer scientists are usually hired by software development firms. Their role includes creating new theories around technology development. While other people at a software firm may be building current technologies, a computer scientist is thinking through ideas on how to take that technology to the next level in sustainable and efficient ways. Computer scientists also use their knowledge to work in software engineering or as IT consultants.