Choosing your Career

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By Gale Louise

Many high school students focus on finding their dream college or university without really knowing what they’d like to do after post-secondary. 


Choosing your career in high school is not only mandatory but also allows you to choose the suitable courses that will lead you to your goal. Many colleges and universities choose students who are demonstrating their passion for their chosen industry.  This can be clearly seen through your transcripts.  Having a career plan in high school not only allows you to take courses that will prepare you for the prerequisites needed to be chosen but will also make your first year more enjoyable because you’ll understand the basics. 


Another side of choosing your career in high school is that it allows you a more in-depth look at your chosen industry and you may find it is not for you and that’s ok! 


Take this time to understand what your interests are.  Is it math, science, technology, engineering, trades, or even the arts?  Once you feel something is of interest then walk that pathway. Check out what that job/career entails and then make the decision to go forward or not!   


They say it’s not like work when you’re doing something you actually like! 

* Remember, post-secondary is very costly, try to choose carefully!