How to Succeed As a Freelance Writer

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By By Julia Galt

It cannot be denied that most successful writers have several things in common: a passion to create, an inquisitive mind, and an instinctive talent in wordplay. Given that writing is often something done out of passion, many people think that pursuing a college degree is pointless. However, having a degree related to writing can actually open many doors in the industry.


While having a strong portfolio of work is a vital step in establishing yourself as a freelance writer, it is also important to consider the people who you will be competing against for work. Many writers have post-secondary degrees in areas such as English, Journalism, and Communications, and also may have an MFA or Master’s Degree in the same area. Having an academic background in writing will only serve to help your chances of succeeding as a professional writer.


So, what kind of education should you pursue? Undergraduate degrees in English, Journalism, and Creative Writing are strongly suited for your career, and Advertising and Communications degrees are also helpful as well. If you want to continue your education, a Master’s degree in Professional Writing or Publishing would also be excellent choices. If you want to pursue different forms of education, online writing workshops and online college courses are also great paths to take. Having a post-secondary education in writing will only strengthen your chances of succeeding as a freelance writer, and will help you hone your writing skills as well!