A Career in Medical Science

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By Crystal Welsh

The medical field is all the focus right now with everything COVID-related. From nurses and doctors, to medical equipment technicians and medical housekeeping. There is no doubt that every aspect of this field is now front-and-center, showcasing its amazing tenacity for caring for the people of the world.

Today, I would like to look a little deeper behind the scenes of the medical field, specifically at the medical scientists.

Medical scientists have an amazing goal (there are others but let’s focus on this one): to advance the human species’ health capabilities through researching current diseases and ailments and finding ways to prevent and/or treat the conditions so there is little to no possibility of another outbreak. To put it simply, studying what makes us sick and attempting to find a treatment or a cure. How phenomenal is that?

Becoming a medical scientist is no easy feat: it requires copious amounts of university studies (we’re talking doctorate-levels of university), superb critical thinking skills, and substantial problem-solving skills.

I hope you’re still reading this after that whopper of a demands list! Think of it this way: medical science is about advancing the health of the entire human race. Wouldn’t you want the best of the best working on that immense project?

It’s pretty neat to realize that right this second, as I’m writing this, some medical science team somewhere has just gotten so much closer to a COVID-19 vaccination. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of a team with such grandeur?

Speaking to the wonderful upcoming generation: you are going to be monumental! As a species, we are advancing in leaps and bounds. I can only imagine what amazing achievements you are going to bring to us all. You can never set your sights too high because the only thing that can possibly stop you, is YOU!