Social Media is Not Only for Socializing

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By Charlie Ricottone

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are all tools that, if used effectively, can positively impact your career. You’re probably already using these tools, but most people will play with them like toys and fail to realize their potential. The direct connections that can be made in a matter of minutes, outdo weeks or even months of traditional networking. You will still have to communicate with people, so relationship skills and truly being able to connect with others is of the utmost importance. Don’t think you will be able to hide behind a computer or cell phone screen. However, reaching out to someone to make initial contact has never been easier. Whether you are the employer or employee, if you love what you are doing, utilize the available social media platforms to document and create. It can be for your main source of employment or perhaps a side hustle. Either way, understanding social media as a business tool will propel your career beyond that of your colleagues and classmates who only use it to troll or skim through newsfeeds. To effectively turn your expertise into a social media following, and gain notoriety, courses in marketing, social media management, or writing will give you an advantage over your competition, and there is plenty of it. Put time into it everyday, but don’t allow it to distract you from your duties, and most importantly add and share relevant content on a regular basis.