Mia Noflin Goes to Broadway Scholarship

Mia Noflin Goes to Broadway Scholarship

Scholarship Description

As one of the most valuable contributions to human existence throughout the ages, art in all forms must be cherished and appreciated. Art brings ideas to life and gives a compelling voice to the world in different ways through the Artist and the Admirer. Seldom do we see one individual’s interpretation of a piece to be exactly similar to another. Like our lives, there’s always nuance in the way we perceive experiences and the world around us. My daughter, Mia Noflin, had a unique love for theater arts before she passed away. She showcased the skill, dedication, and passion necessary to create beautiful pieces in theater, lessons I will forever cherish.

Additional Information

  • Amount: $719.00
  • Application Deadline: 02 April 2022
  • Level Of Study:
  • Automatic Consideration: NO
  • Renewable:
    • N/A

Field of Study

  • Media, Arts and Communications

Minimum Requirement

To honor her life and to support students looking to express themselves in theater, the Mia Noflin Goes to Broadway Scholarship will be awarded to one high school student applying to college for performing arts.

To apply, please submit a video link, painting, song, montage, or any other artistic format presentation on how you would define an angel.

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